The C.E. Daniel Collection
For Sale:
WWII Items from the estate of Captain Norman Herzig
143rd AAA Gun Battalion - Serial #01049202
The items listed below are being sold on behalf of the estate of Capt. Norman Herzig, who served with the 143rd AAA Gun
Battalion during WWII.  All of the items listed were brought back by Capt. Herzig and are guaranteed to 100% authentic.  If you
have an interest in one of the items, please contact me along with the item # so I can better assist you in purchasing it.  Payment
is via PAYPAL only please.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Item # H10 HJ Marksmanship Badge

Excellent condition, all original HJ badge with no damage of any kind and still retaining nearly all of its original finish.  No enamel damage and it is a gorgeous example.  The reverse of the badge is
well marked with embossed RZM logo and manufacturers code, "M1/77," for Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim.  Priced to sell!

Item # H10  $100.00
Item # H3  NSKK Sleeve Eagle
Another all original NSKK sleeve eagle with the RZM tag still applied to the reverse.

Item # H3  $70.00
Item # H2  NSKK "Old Fighters" Sleeve Chevron
Clean, all original example of the NSKK Old Fighters Sleeve Chevron with
the RZM Label still applied to the reverse.

Item # H2  $130.00
Item # H1  NSKK Enlisted Side Cap
 As shown in the photos, all original NSKK side cap with chocolate brown triangle emblem.  Remnants of the RZM Label still on the inside portion of the cap, showing expected wear
and soiling for actual use, with the original NSKK buttons still present on the front of the cap.  A genuine example of a used cap, brought back at the end of the war.

Item # H1  SOLD
Item # H4  1935 Edition of Mein Kampf

1935 dated edition of Mein Kampf (German language version) still retaining most of its original dust jacket.  A very nice example of this well known book, with an inscription on the inside page
showing it having been received by an SA unit in Esslingen in 1936.  Finding an early copy with the dust jacket is always a plus on these books and the SA connection makes it even more desirable!  
This edition has the dark blue hard cover under the dust jacket and gold colored, national insignia on the front of the book.  All of the pages are present and there does not appear to be any damage to
the pages.  The thin onion-skin like material is still intact and present on the title page, separating the photo of Hitler and the date of the book, shown above.  As with all the other listed items, this one
is priced to sell.

Item # H4  $250.00
Item # H5  German Mothers Cross in Bronze Scarf Pin Award

A much less often encountered version of the Mothers Cross series of awards, this scarf pin award is in terrific condition, with no damage of any kind to the enamel.  (The marks on the enamel in the
photos are from lights at the time of the photo.)  Would round out any Mothers Cross collection!

Item # H5 SOLD to Wim
Item # H1  NSKK Enlisted Side Cap
Item # H6  German Mothers Cross in Gold Lapel Pin Award

This lapel pin award is in terrific condition, with no damage of any kind to the enamel.  (The marks on the enamel in the photos are from lights at the time of the photo.)  The original pin is intact with
minor soiling to the ribbon as shown, which is common for this type of items.  An excellent addition to your Mothers Cross collection.

Item # H6  $70.00
Item # H7 Infantry Assault Badge by (FZS) Fritz Zimmerman und Sohne, Ludenscheid

Nice, wartime example of this infantry assault badge with original pin and catch.  The reverse of the badge
shows the FZS makers mark for Fritz Zimmerman und Sohne, Ludenscheid.  Nice, solid example of this
badge and one of the less common makers.

Item # H7  SOLD to Gordon
Item # H8 Etched Bayonet and Scabbard

As shown in the photos above, this is an etched bayonet and scabbard, exactly as found within the estate of this AAA veteran.  The bayonet has not been cleaned, but fits nicely within the scabbard.  The
tip of the blade has been broken off.  The story that came with the bayonet from the veteran was that the blades of these bayonets were often broken off by members of his unit to keep them from being
used as weapons by surrendered German soldiers.  No makers mark or any other markings found on the bayonet.  Minor scratching and honest wear to the outside of the scabbard.  Even with the broken
tip, this would make a nice addition to any collection.  Should clean up nicely is desired.

Item # H8  $275.00    SOLD
Item # H9 1942 Dated VZ24 bayonet with German "dot" Markings

As shown in the photos above, this is a gorgeous example of the German produced version of the CZ24 bayonet.  It is German marked "dot" with "42" on the spine of the blade, showing it was
manufactured at Brno by Waffenwerke Brünn AG.  A serial number of "2215" is marked at the base of the blade.  The blade is the blued version produced by the Germans and shows virtually no wear,
other than very minor marks from being inserted and removed from the scabbard.  Honest storage wear and minor use shown on the wood grips.  Waffenamt present on the frog stud, corresponding with
the "dot" manufacturer.  A really nice, authentic wartime example.  Direct from the vets estate and priced to sell.

Item # H9  SOLD to Andrew
More German and American items to be added!!