This website is dedicated to our American World War Two veterans, and the members of my family who
served with bravery and dedication in the armed forces of the United States of America.  A tradition of
Not pictured: 2nd Great-Grand Uncle - Corporal Kemp Scott Page, killed on October 12, 1863, while serving in
Company C, of the Kansas 12th Volunteer Infantry Regiment in Paola, Kansas.
We Remember
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National WWII Memorial Washington, D.C.
Let us remember that each year, we lose thousands and thousands of WWII veterans.  With their loss we lose their stories, their untold acts of heroism
and sacrifice, and our own ability to honor them and personally thank them for their service and bravery.
As preservationist and enthusiasts, we should endeavor to honor these men and women, by preserving our collections, thus ensuring that future
generations will learn of these aviators, soldiers and sailors, and learn of their service to our great nation.  I am always honored to hear from our
wonderful veterans, to whom we owe so much.  (Click on the photograph above to go to the website for the National WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.)  
This monument is the very least that we owe to the greatest generation.  
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Thank you for taking the time to visit the C.E. Daniel Collection.  This website was created to display items from my private, permanent
WWII aviation collection.  I am dedicated to the preservation of these artifacts as a living memorial to the brave American aviators and
airmen who defended our nation in the skies around the world during WWII.  This website is dedicated to the men of the United States
Army Air Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps and the United States Coast Guard who served proudly and with
distinction during WWII.  Here you will find just a small cross section of my private, permanent collection.

You will find numerous pages on my website, each one dedicated to the memory and service of an individual American aviator or
aircrew.  Because of their sacrifice and service, we should endeavor to never let their history go untold or be forgotten.  If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at:  Thank you.
Although my website is dedicated to the United States soldiers, sailors and aviators of WWII, let us not forget that currently the men and women of
the United States Armed Forces are deployed around the world, serving our great nation and ensuring our freedom.  Thank you to the men and
women currently serving in our armed forces, and lets hope you have a quick and safe return to your family and loved ones.
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these brave men.
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Estate of Captain Norman Herzig  (New Items!)
Big Chief Woodworks
In addition to collecting and preserving items from WWII, I also make custom wood carved signs and hand turned pens.  Click the link above for
custom carved wood products available for sale.  Custom orders also available, please feel free to contact me with any ideas for a custom sign.  
You can see past works on Facebook under the page named Big Chief Woodworks.
The C.E. Daniel Collection
A private collection of WWII US aviation memorabilia